I look forward to meeting you; experiencing your space and discussing what colours, art and feelings you wish to bring into your life. Through my research of colour therapy and chakras I would be happy to suggest and collaborate to create a unique piece with purpose and intention especially for you.

You may wish to feel inspired by a photo, a memory or something else...what ever the inspiration we can discuss colours that can help promote certain feelings.



From our initial meeting I will begin creating; depending on the size of the wall the piece can take between 2 to 3 days.

Prices vary depending on the wall size and creation; so please get in touch for a personalised quote.

I always use quality paints from leading brands; often purposefully mixed to create certain colours and hues.

Canvas and paper creations

I don't just leave feelings on walls...

The thought of a wall of colour may not appeal to everyone and so I would be equally happy to inject some energetic colour into your life with a personal canvas.  This will be made to order and personalised to suit your preferences and how you are feeling.

These pieces would also make a fantastic gift for someone who you know may be in need of a little colour therapy and artistic support.

Check out my gallery for some inspiration...

How are you feeling?

I would love to hear from you and discuss more about how I could provide some colourful design into your home or work space.