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Endless Summer

This was the first feelings left on walls. Having spent the last few winters in sunny climates I wanted to ensure that the feeling of this fantastic English summer continued into the darker months of the year. Facing the rest of the year with a lot of uncertainty I was feeling quite anxious and lost. Lacking self belief, confidence, feeling stressed and nervous I read an article about how this indicated an imbalance in my solar plexus chakra. It recommended to bring the colour yellow forcefully into my life in order to balance this out...which looking up at the white walls lead me to pick up the brush. It also recommended giving yourself time to relax, meditating, spending time in the sunshine and doing something brave (hence the website). I can honestly say a combination of all these things as well as other self care practices has drastically improved my well being and I hope I can do the same for you.

Product / Wall mural

New Adventure

This piece was inspired by the clients request to bring more creativity and vibrance in to their bedroom. As lovers of the outdoors and nature the colours of blue and green instantly appealed.Blue known for unlocking creativity and green bringing love. Looking around this beautiful chair became instant inspiration.