The Philosophy

Your home is your sanctuary.

Your work is a space of ideas, creativity and productivity.

Let your walls enthuse your life!

Feelings Left On Walls is determined to paint walls that inspire, connect and bring vitality back into your space, improving your daily wellbeing.

For centuries colour has been associated with feelings. Colour therapy is centred around the belief that by bringing colours into your life you can alleviate discomfort and promote positive emotions.

F.L.O.W Creations understands the importance of creating spaces that nurture the soul; your environment has a direct impact to how you feel, we have all walked in a room and just had that feeling, whether it’s in a gallery, a cosy pub/cafe or beautiful corporate space, there is no denying the impact your surroundings can have on your feelings.

Picasso said ‘the purpose of art is washing the dust of everyday life off our souls’.

Through my work I hope to provide your space with a unique piece of art that evokes positive feelings every time you are near it…washing away the effects of daily life such as a stressful commute or a difficult conversation and bringing you back to the present moment.

My Story

Feelings Left On Walls was born in a bedroom with high ceilings and very white walls. Inspired by the works of Abstract artists and in particular the powerful impact of The Seagram Murals by Rothko in the Tate Modern. I decided to pick up my brush and bring some positive energy and light into this room and my life.

Painting walls has always been something I enjoyed doing; as a young teenager painting my ceilings with a fairy woodland and later my bedroom doors inspired by the Bloomsbury group’s house in Charleston. I have always felt compelled to decorate and make my room an inspiring, creative sanctuary. When going through difficult times, feeling unmotivated or discomfort, I will always look to my living space to bring about change and reinvent the situation.

I have been a primary school teacher in London and abroad for over 6 years; and always applied this to my classroom as well; one of my favourite parts of the job was always organising and creating an inspiring environment for all the individuals in my class to thrive in; as well as being functional.

I can also relate to feelings of anxiety and depression having experienced periods of severe anxiety and numerous panic attacks over the last 10 years. I personally know how difficult those feelings can be to manage and have found that by creating spaces in my life that provide reminders to keep present, grounded and grateful you can feel mentally healthy.

Fortunately conversations about mental health are increasing these days and the importance of looking after your mind in the same way you would your body is being better understood.

With this in mind my work sets to offer more than just a piece of home decoration but a daily artistic reminder to inspire, enthuse and evoke healthy living and support you to be the best version of yourself.

Not just aesthetically pleasing walls but feelings too (hence the name)!

How are you feeling?

Feelings Left On Walls hopes to restore well being and vitality in your home or business with a unique wall mural of colour.

If you are interested to find out more I would love to hear from you.

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